Our Community

Spielfeld was founded in 2016 by Roland Berger and Visa Inc. with the goal of enabling innovation. Over time, both co-founders broadened the Spielfeld community by inviting key players from their respective networks. The result was a unique space where international corporates sit side-by-side and work together with cutting-edge startups.
Spielfeld is home to the Visa Innovation & Design Team in Berlin. Out of Spielfeld, Visa evangelizes its global point of view on the future of commerce, designs best-in-class customer-centric experiences and develops new product solutions to drive industry innovation.
Roland Berger works with top level executives from traditional industries to help them decipher relevant digital topics whilst equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the digital world. They inspire and drive the transformation of organisation's cultural perspectives.

Vision & Mission

The future of work is in flexible workspaces, diverse teams and agile strategies that help maximize productivity and overall performance. By 2025, Spielfeld will be a leading example of flexible work, event and collaboration solutions. Our focus will be on excellent customer service, robust business strategies and sustainability. We will continue to offer our members and guests a physical space and virtual infrastructure to facilitate efficiency, co-ownership, learning and collaboration that enables our guests and members to cultivate new ideas. Spielfeld will continue to be a a driving force for innovation solutions and knowledge sharing. We will constantly improve our services and offerings while reducing the social and ecological impact of our business. Learn more about sustainability at Spielfeld.

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